Innovative Pharox LED Lamp Uses 3.4W: Replaces 40W Incandescent


An innovative LED lamp named Pharox has been launched in the Netherlands. Apparently, this 3.4 watt bulb is a serious replacement for a 40 watt incandescent bulb. It is rated at 60 lumens per watt. It is also more eco-effective when compared to other LED lamps, because the production does not include phosphor. The bulb will initially be available to customers of the green energy supplier Oxxio (the price listed is € 22.68 for 4 bulbs). The bulb was created by Lemnis Lighting, a technology company focused on the lighting market and managed by two members of the Philips family. Princess is going to distribute the light bulbs worldwide. :: Press Release. See also: 3D LED Bulbs

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