India to Phase Out 400 Million Incandescent Lightbulbs by 2012, Replace With CFLs

bachat lamp yogana announcement photo

photo: Government of India Press Bureau

While not an outright ban on incandescent lightbulbs, under India's Bachat Lamp Yojana program the nation's 400 million incandescent lightbulbs will be replaced by CFLs over the next three years. The energy savings and resultant carbon emissions savings will be about 55 million tonnes per year. This is how it will be done:Price of CFLs to be Underwritten by Clean Development Mechanism
In order to make CFLs more affordable, India will get funding from the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol which will be applied to the cost of CFLs to lower the price from today's Rs 80-100 ($1.55-1.94) to Rs15 ($0.29), the same price of incandescent bulbs. The high cost of bulbs (for India... I know many readers would love a CFL at the price of $1.94) has been cited as been the main factor in lack of residential market penetration of CFLs.

Currently, 20% of all residential electricity consumption in India comes from lighting. Not all incandescent bulbs will be replaced under the scheme, only 60w and 100w household bulbs.

via: Greenpeace
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