The Immersive Cocoon May Be The Ultimate Home Office

immersive cocoon in hotel roomNAU/Screen capture

Alex of Shedworking thinks this might be the the future of shedworking; It certainly could be the future of the home office. No worries of noise or distraction here; one climbs inside and has

a digital experience that is intuitive and holistic, where your interface is not reduced to a mouseclick and two-dimensional analog of a writing desk. A surround display dome complemented by the sophisticated motion-sensing software that inspired the technology depicted in the film "Minority Report." With natural intuitive movements, your entire body becomes the interface.

working in the immersive cocoonNAU/Promo image
Many of us have dreamed of working remotely from a house in the countryside, or staying better connected when we travel.... People from around the world can work together staring up a live conference as easily as you'd tap a colleague on the shoulder. Further, the cocoon's media-rich interface lets users track large amounts of information, while its gensture driven navigation makes work more intuitive and efficient.

functionsNAU/Promo image

Alas, it is not a real product, but a "concept study by NAU, an idea to push the envelope and provoke a new conception of interface technology." It's probably also hard for me to justify it as being very green, other than making the usual case that anything that lets you work from home effectively is going to reduce your carbon footprint, at least until you plug this thing in.

keir dulleaNAU/Promo image

While the concept may be based on Minority Report, the HD video that promotes the Cocoon is an amazing reconstruction of the last scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey, with Keir Dullea reprising the role he played over forty years ago. It is a must-see, as the film makers suggest, on a big monitor and LOUD and FULL SCREEN.

Immersive Cocoon "2011" | 1080HD from adNAU on Vimeo.

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The Immersive Cocoon May Be The Ultimate Home Office
Dear TreeHugger editor: I would be so much more productive if I had one of these. Also, watch Keir Dullea reprise his role in 2001: A Space Odyssey

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