IKEA Lighting The Way To Warmer LED Lamps

IKEA may be habitually averse to blowing its own horn - and many times with its combination of price and practicality it doesn't need to tout its own efficiency or sustainability efforts. The two new LED-based lighting series called Jansjö ('Yann-Hwe' is the approximate Swedish pronunciation) and Lack will, however, probably put the press on other lighting manufacturers to make LED lighting warmer and more affordable.

Perhaps the Jansjö won't win any design awards, as it looks a little bit like an outdoor shower. The Lack series pictured is also as spare as it gets. And IKEA isn't the only light design company to start using warmer light LEDs. But when the Swedish uber-furniture superstore starts selling a full-sized LED floor lamp that promises near to 6 years of bulb time for around US$69, other designers pay great attention. Swedish company Optoga and Seoul Semiconductor designed a double layer of phosphorus oxide in the diode to give better color rendition and warmth. Via ::MiljöRapporten (Swedish)

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