Iannone : Sanderson Kirei Signature Console


Kirei has been on the green design scene for awhile now (we first mentioned it here) but we have yet to see it implemented in such an elegant piece of furniture. Iannone : Sanderson's Signature 2.0 Console is a showstopper; we really like the way the decorative graphic kirei inlay offsets the modern, minimal design. Looks perfect for anyone with a lonely wall that could use some storage as well. For anyone who needs a refresher on kirei, it's produced through a process of washing, weaving, and then compressing bamboo-like stalks of sorghum, which is often a byproduct of alcohol and molasses production. Definitely resource-efficient, definitely sexy; the only thing we aren't crazy about is the price (US$1,699), which might just be worth it for such a responsible, eye-catching design. ::Iannone : Sanderson available at ::2modern.com via ::2modern Design Talk