I Need My Device Presents 3_Times_A4


Designer Cambell Orme, formally the 'O' in G|O|E Design (whose cool recycled cardboard lamps we featured here and here), has struck out on his own and has formed I Need My Device in Melbourne, Australia. His diverse body of work often contains extensive sustainability considerations, while maintaining a strong modern aesthetic and artful, conceptual perspective; one of his more recent projects is "3_times_A4", the pendant lamp pictured above. Machine wire screen, used in large scale paper manufacture, is a waste product that invariably ends up as garbage. Used to drain paper pulp, the commercial lifespan of the material is ridiculously short. Three A4 sheets of this material -- referencing the product that it is used to create -- are formed together to create a product that celebrates reclamation, turning a throw-away product into something beautiful. There are no adhesives used, allowing the lamp to be taken apart and the tough, resilient material to be reused. Of course, TreeHugger recommends the use of an energy-sipping compact fluorescent lightbulb when (if) the product becomes commercially available (it's just a prototype now). Check out some more of Orme's designs, including the evocative "Well-Hung Light" and "Waste of Money Box", at his website. ::I Need My Device

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