How Many Bloggers Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?

Feel that you haven't read enough about compact fluorescents? Seth Godin wrote about them last week, and challenged bloggers. "To fight off the darkness, bloggers everywhere are invited to create a post with their own riff on why CF bulbs are cheaper, better politically, harder to market or just plain cute." Seth's website is popular and wow, did he get an amazing response. We looked at a few and some are inane, some are useful additions, some make interesting points, such as if you can't spell it, it has a lousy name. (I got it wrong for months) Tom Fox at Learning Curve says "The first thing I'd do is stop calling them compact fluorescent light bulbs. I'd think of a different name altogether. Something like "Doodley Bulbs," or "Squiggly Bulbs," in tacit recognition of the spiral shape many have. It would not be compact fluorescent light bulbs vs. light bulbs, it would be Doodley Bulbs vs. Incandescents, and I'd target mothers with small children. You can grab a Doodley Bulb with your bare hand and not get burned. Doodley Bulbs are safer for infants and children. You can hardly set your home on fire with a Doodley Bulb, but incandescent bulbs are HOT, HOT, HOT! Why do you think they call them incandescent?" See them all at ::Seth Godin

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