Hotello packs a 40 square foot hotel room and office into a box

Antonio Scarponi of Conceptual Devices has developed Hotello, a complete hotel room and portable office that fits into a trunk on wheels that you can take and set up anywhere. He writes:

The 20th Century left vast, abandoned, spaces in our cities. Warehouses, factories, military barracks have been built and abandoned in a relatively short period of time. Now, the contemporary city is elaborating new strategies to re-inhabit these empty shells. In collaboration with the visual Artist Roberto de Luca, I have designed, for the Swiss firm daskonzept, Hotello: a unit of 4 sqm, conceived to extemporarily inhabit the empty lofts of the contemporary city.

Hotello is a portable space, packed into a trunk. Hotello contains all the necessary elements needed to work and rest. It consists of a metal structure that supports a translucent and sound absorbant curtain. Hotello can be combined and aggregated in different configurations.

It is being shown in Milan in April; the editorial board of the magazine Abitare will be occupying it. While the designer notes that the curtain is sound absorbent, I would not recommend that they have any seriously private conversations. More at Conceptual Devices.

Hotello packs a 40 square foot hotel room and office into a box
It is an interesting design if you are the quiet type.

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