Hot New Trend: Old Fashioned Incandescent Lightbulbs

old fashioned carbon lightbulbs

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What's hot in restaurant design these days? Retro light bulbs, of the old, carbon-filament power-sucking kind. And the warmer the light, the less efficient they are, some running under 2 lumens per watt. (a fluorescent bulb runs at 80 lumens per watt). The New York Times covers the trend, interviewing a designer:

"It creates a very warm glow, through a broad spectrum with many colors," said Paul Bentel, whose firm Bentel & Bentel hung cascades of reproduction Tesla bulbs, similar to the original Edison, throughout Craft restaurant near Gramercy Park in 2001. "A red apple will look as good as a green pear."

Manufacturer Bob Rosenzweig of AAMSCO has no qualms about selling inefficient bulbs.

"Everybody's going green, but we're still hot and red," he said. "My bulbs use a lot of energy and make the air conditioning work overtime."

To her credit, Diane Cardwell of the Times got an opinion from the NRDC:

"It boggles the mind that in these times of economic hardship and interest in environmental sustainability that restaurant owners would choose the light bulb that uses 5 to 10 times more power than the other bulbs on the market," Noah Horowitz, a senior scientist at the environmental group, wrote in an e-mail message. "You can't on the one hand brag how green you are by serving organic beer and locally grown produce while you are lighting your business with the least efficient light bulbs available in the world."

He has a point. More in the New York Times

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