Homage To The Humble Kerosene Lantern (Now With LEDs)

led kerosene lamp image

Designer Lee Leong Chye of the Little Thoughts Group has designed this homage to the humble kerosene lantern, beautifully made of wood and powered by cranking the pump in and out. Hopefully the light from the LED is kinder than what comes out of the real thing, a harsh bright light that Yanko describes as "loving glowing glowing love"- clearly the writer has never seen one.

led kerosene lamp image big

Harry at Mocoloco has a quote from the designer saying that the lamp "aims to capture the essence and spirit of the original lamp which is seldom seen today." That's not true at all; the iconic Coleman's lantern is still hugely popular, and many people keep them for backup lighting. It is one of those absolutely classic designs.

But they are also terrible fire hazards, and this does capture the essence, if not the output. More at MocoLoco, where it is one of Sally's top five.

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