High Performance Non-Contaminant Stove Designed in Argentina

In order to attend the poor heating conditions of southern Argentina (since because of the raise in the gas price, locals were using wood in poor conditions, which translated in forest depredation and lung diseases in children for the smoke), the National Industrial Technology Institute supported the development and production of a multifunction stove. The artifact, which is also an oven and possibly a thermotank, was developed by Francisco Borrazás and Jorge Dartiguelongue and works with firewood, but releases four times less carbon dioxide than the minimum demanded by Canadian norms. It's also three times more efficient than a salamander heater and eight times more than a fire. Among other things, it has a special air injection and tiles, which retain smoke and burn the tar, poisonous gases and carbon dioxide. Although using wood to heat a place might seem anti-ecologic, Barrazás says the stove works with sustainable wood such as eucaliptus, and that they're working to make artificial trunks with loose wood pieces. "On the other hand, the wood is never enough because regular stoves consume it very fast. But a cubic meter of wood, which usually lasts four or five days in a regular stove, takes fifteen days to consume in one of ours", adds Dartiguelongue...The small model of the stove proved to heat a 45 square meters house and the biggest one can take on a 100 square meters one. Close to 300 stoves were delivered to natives communities in Neuquen province, and they will be incorporated to another 4000 rural homes in Chubut province. Nevertheless, the entrepreneurs continue to work with the Institute to design a model that can burn biodiesel or vegetables oil. More info and sales at MMJSRL.
Through La Nacion newspaper.