Hempwood, All Natural Wood Finishing Oil

Lloyd previously alluded to this product, when he suggested you didn't order it by mistake from Hempola's other oilseed products, like their salad dressings. But we thought it might be worthy of its own little post. HempWood is refined from the pressed seeds of hemp flowers. It provides "a relatively clear coating which enriches and protects wood grains. The product has produced excellent results when applied to exterior walls and decks, furniture, antiques, interior floors... even canoes, paddles and as a clear lacquer on metal and painted surfaces." It's said to be safe for cutting boards and would you believe it — salad bowls! Hah. Once in widespread use throughout the paint and coatings industry, hempseed oil was headbutted by the double combination of marijuana hysteria and rise of new synthetics. Some have argued this was no coincidence. But that's spilt milk. Moving on, today you can buy Hempwood Wood Finish for $12 CAD for 250 ml (8.5 oz) or $40 for 3.78 L (1 gallon). ::Hempwood by Hempola.