HelenBilt: Putting Incandescent Bulbs to Good Use


As incandescent light bulbs become less and less useful (and less and less and less legal) as lighting, we wonder: what to do with all the leftover bulbs? Designer Helen Gifford, and her company HelenBilt, have a solution: turn them into lighting fixtures. Her artful designs take flame-tipped incandescent bulbs, and, instead of plugging them in (a woefully inefficient solution), builds them into star-like pendants. The clever, playful implementation, built around a skeleton of recycled steel, is lit with a single compact fluorescent bulb, allowing the incandescent bulbs to "shine," without all the wasted energy and heat that would come with actually screwing in the bulbs. As incandescents continued to be phased out, we foresee an explosion in the materials needed to make these; we only hope Helen can keep up. ::HelenBilt

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