Heath Nash: "Other People's Rubbish" Lighting


South African designer Heath Nash is a man on a mission. The graduate of the University of Cape Town is out to figure out what South Africa could look like or what design language could express a contemporary aesthetic of his country; his collection of lampshades and other handcrafted lifestyle products showcases his experiments with ‘craft techniques’ as a high end design tool. However he does it, you'd never guess that the lampshades above are made from used milk bottles and "other people's rubbish," which is also the title for the collection of lighting. Nash sounds like he may have read TreeHugger before: "People are generally quite shocked that those things are made from rubbish, which I find really pleasing. That shows that I’m obviously doing it right and that’s exactly the point I am trying to make! It is possible to re-use this kind of plastic straight away and take it to a sophisticated level." Yep, sounds about right to us. ::Heath Nash via ::Apartment Therapy