HauteGREEN Sneak Peek: Slippery Shelves by Cambium Studio


It's no secret that TreeHugger is a big fan of bamboo. Regular readers see it pop up on these pages fairly regularly, and while they may tire of our seemingly ceaseless promotion of the wonder-grass, we haven't run out of reasons to like it yet. We've already highlighted it once in our ongoing series featuring a sneak peek into the entries at this month's HauteGREEN, and we're doing it again. Today's feature, "Slippery Shelves" by Cambium Studio, are available in bamboo, though can also be built with other sustainable woods like coconut palm, FSC-certified walnut, and salvaged urban trees, and they're designed for people on the move. The piece is easy to hang on the wall, uses few materials and travels easily if you need to relocate. Each shelf can move easily through a dovetail in the backboard, offering new configurations in mere moments. Versatile, beautiful, sustainable: a trifecta that should please any TreeHugger. ::HauteGREEN and ::Cambium Studio

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