HauteGREEN Sneak Peek: Jerry Kott Glassware


The fruit of the vine is enjoyed twice in the latest installment in our ongoing series about what just might appear later this month at HauteGREEN. We spotlight the work of Jerry Kott, who we've featured before on these pages. Both the Khrysalis Lamps and RE Series are made with recycled wine bottles, which Kott cuts apart, frosts and then reassembles with decorative results. He uses keywords like rebuild, redefine, relive, reinvent and recycle for his work, which yields simple, colorful, decorative glassware. Jerry has some interesting things to say about the inspiration for his work: "I have often described the RE series as a marriage of Beyond Thunder Dome and the Bauhaus. It is primal, obvious, utilitarian -- an idea waiting to be explored and adds a new dimension and perspective on how we view what we have from another angle"; about the Krysalis, "When lit, they appear to me as a Chrysalis-exuding it's own energy with it's glow…like a hanging sculpture about to come alive. The simplicity of its form and its function echoes 'less is more.'" ::HauteGREEN and ::Jerry Kott

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