HauteGREEN Sneak Peek: Cardboard Lamps by G|O|E Designs


Today's entry into our series featuring the best sustainable home designs that have been submitted for showcase at HauteGREEN takes inspiration from leftover cardboard and clumsiness. The team at G|O|E Design (Jeremy Grove, Campbell Orme and Shaun East -- we've featured them before) marry this odd pair into a hand-made table lamp that's sturdy enough to not mind being knocked off a table top while simultaneously using up all of their waste packaging. Waste cardboard is compressed together to form big cardboard laminate blocks. Each one is then hand-turned to form simple, soft shapes; the hand-turning process insures every one is unique. With each lamp produced, there is more beauty, more light and less trash in the world; if only all designs were so thoughtful. ::HauteGREEN and ::G|O|E Design

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