HauteGREEN 2007 Sneak Peek: Brian Schmitt's Moso


It's day two (here's day one) of our look under the hood of HauteGREEN, the sustainable design exhibition coming to New York's International Contemporary Furniture Fair and Design Week later this month. Today, we're illuminated by the work of designer Brian Schmitt, whose brand new pendant light called "Moso" will be featured at the show in a couple of weeks. Made from a simple collection of materials, the hanging lamp uses just a few key "ingredients": bamboo plywood (both cross-grain and solid) and a cordset with a standard bulb base. The seemingly simple construction (the two shades slide into place without fasteners) allows the beauty of the bamboo to shine through (pun intended), while the thoughtful design helps the lamp live a long life; if one of the shades is damaged, for example, it could be quickly and easily replaced, rather than having to start over with a new lamp. San Francisco-based Schmitt is also the designer behind Adrift Mobiles, so we're excited to see what other sustainable, modern designs he has up his sleeve; until then, plan to head to HauteGREEN to see his work for yourself. ::Brian Schmitt and ::HauteGREEN 2007

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