Hate your open office? Slide into a Cozy Room

There has been a lot of griping about open offices of late, from The Open Office Trap in the New Yorker to Why open office layouts are bad for employees, bosses and productivity in Fast Company. Really, they should just shut up and buy a Cozy Room.

Cozy room section© Cozy Room

This Japanese design has a chair on rails that slides in, sealing you up tight with your computer and a big monitor right in your face. Perfect for dedicated productivity.

collection shelf inside© Cozy room

Once inside, it has everything you need, including drawers, storage for your action figure collection and LED lighting.

cozy room with bourbon© Cozy room

All work and no play makes Jack a dull employee, so you can curl up with your favourite bourbon and watch Star Wars as well.

cozy room closed© Cozy room

TreeHugger loves ideas that let you get things done efficiently in less space. All those open office whiners can be stuck in cozy rooms and work happily ever after in peace and privacy. Just say "Open the pod bay doors, HAL" and it slides open. You hope. Found on Geekology.

clipper© Douglas Ball

For those who think that the design is a bit dull, there is Douglas Ball's wonderful Clipper CS1 from 1994. It is much more elegant.

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