Hanging Lamp by Jordi Piera and Juantxo Agudo

TreeHugger stumbled upon this hauntingly beautiful (we swear) hanging lamp in the window of art and design gallery Saladestar in the Gracia area of Barcelona. Accepting potential language misunderstandings, it seems like Saladestar is getting designers and artists to create projects together and then is displaying them every few weeks. TreeHugger likes about 3% of all things made out of old recycled products since often the craft is underwhelming and they seem, well, like things made from old junk. Once in a while, they nail it though and this hanging lamp made from old yoghurt containers and compact fluorescents is a great example. Check the extended for more pics.For more info on these guys and the gallery, email ferranelotro@yahoo.es or visit ::Saladestar. The gallery is at c. Martinez de la Rosa, 40. Nice work guys![by Graham Hill]


Not sure what the ear is about but sure love the lamp!


Close up. Didn't even realize they were
yoghurt containers until I had admired the lamp
for a few minutes.


It's at least 8 ft tall. And the wires simply disappear into
the ceiling.