Hang Your Bike On The Wall With Mike Sapak's DIY Bike Rack

Every time I write about a way to hang your bike on the wall, apparently the design trend of the year, readers complain about the cost. Now, thanks to Homedit, we can point to a double rack built by Mike Sapak a few years ago out of a few 2x4s for a total cost of fifteen bucks. Even the designer admits that it is a bit crude, but there are some interesting features.

One I particularly liked it the use of a simple lag bolt to tension the rack. This is one of the few designs that really leaves no trace; it stays in place by compression. The designer notes:

It’s rock-solid, as well. I was a little worried about stability, but it’s not going anywhere. As you can see, the construction is pretty rough. I could make it prettier, but this is functional.

A few years later, Mike developed Bike Rack 2.0, and notes that after he built the first one,

Many people complained about the crude construction. Personally, I thought the original had a nice “beta-testing” feel to it. But after looking at the pictures again, I’ll concede that it was probably an alpha release. For the whiners who are into sandpaper and staining, I proudly present Bike Rack 2.0.

Good design ideas from Mike Sapak.

Hang Your Bike On The Wall With Mike Sapak's DIY Bike Rack
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