Handmade Coffee Tables from Reclaimed Wood Come with Built-In Gardens

mike carpenter make coffee table reclaimed wood© Mike Carpenter. The Maka Table.

I'm a big fan of using design to work greenery into home furnishings, and these two coffee tables are great examples. Designed by Mike Carpenter's MDC Interiors, the Balance and Maka models each have a center section that's filled with green moss and river rocks. Best of all, both tables are handmade, mostly from reclaimed materials.

mike carpenter balance maka coffee table reclaimed© MIke Carpenter. The Balance Table.

Carpenter uses discarded wool pallets (which are showing up just about everywhere) and split rail wood that he purchases from a company that collects it from condemned buildings and construction sites. Carpenter keeps things local, too. The pallets come from nearby his Atlanta home; the split rail company is located 45 minutes away.

mike carpenter mdc interior coffee table balance maka© Mike Carpenter. The Balance Table.

MDC Interiors lists sustainability as a key tenet of its philosophy, writing:

In an attempt to reduce the impact production and consumption have on our life, MDC Interiors strives to create positive change through eco-friendly design solutions.

The company offers murals, seed bombs, jewelry and art in addition to furniture.

I'm impressed by the look and feel of both designs, and only have one real concern: How do you water the plants, considering the layer of glass that covers them?


I spoke to Mike Carpenter regarding my last concern, and it turns out he's on top of it. He wrote in an e-mail:

The green moss in the Balance Table is dried out so no need to water, and for the Maka Table, simply lift up the glass and mist the succulents. There is space between the glass and table so air can circulate.

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