hal 9003 — Ambient Lighting by spHaus

Here's a lamp that caught my eye. I can imagine having a few of those in my future listening room (some people want "home theaters", but I like music, so I want a nice, quiet & comfortable listening room) so that I can close down the main lights while listening and just have these cool ambient things that look a bit like distant skyscrapers. They are basically two fluorescents encased in a stainless steel tube with holes, with a hand-polished stainless steel base (the power of design!). They can be had in two sizes: 201 or 261 centimeters (79/102 inches), which corresponds to two 36w or 54w fluorescents. I think they look awesome, but can they be called green?72 or 108 watts per lamp just for ambient lighting? With four you can get close to 400 watts just to create a mood! And how fragile are they? I wouldn't like to see what happens when a child or pet knocks these over...

The obvious solution to get that look but without the waste and danger is to figure out how to make a lamp with a similar design but with light emitting diodes (LEDs) instead of fluorescents. They would last longer, use less power and contain less toxic materials (such as the mercury in fluorescents). The downside would be that LEDs are (still) more expensive than fluos, and they would bring a new level of complexity to assembling the lamps...


The lamp was designed by Filippo Dell'Orto. Thanks to MoCo Loco for the pictures.

::spHaus, via ::MoCo Loco