GreenBuild: What's So Special about Yolo Paint?

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TreeHugger first showed YOLO Colorhouse paints over three years ago and their outdoor line a year ago. It's nice stuff, but now every paint manufacturer offers VOC (volatile organic compound) free paint, it is an easy point when you are racking them up for LEED. (Learn why VOC free is important here)

So besides the lovely booth with happy people creating spin art, what makes YOLO so special today?

I asked co-founders Virginia Young and Janie Lowe; (YoLo) They say that there is more to paint and a paint business than what is in the can. Their mission statement says:

* We are connected to our community as artists, teachers, environmentalists and a woman-owned business.
* Our products are designed to inspire confidence and creativity.
* We bring environmental and social values to the workplace.
* We are passionate about and committed to what we do every day.

They confirm it in the video above, saying "we are selling more than just paint. We buy alternative power, provide transportation via biodiesel for our employees, we are trying to run a different kind of business."

You can see it in the faces and hear it in the voices of the employees in the booth, it is more than just paint. YOLO Colorhouse

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