Green Remodeling Epicenter...Could It Be North Carolina?

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Inhabitat's BRA-Braille wall tiles are molded bamboo paper pulp.

OK, fun facts. Portland and Seattle always seem to take the awards for most LEED-certified green buildings per capita. But dinky little Durham, North Carolina with a population just over 200,000 has the most LEED buildings in the state and ranks in the top five nationally on a per capita basis.

Durham, home to Duke University, has a plan to revitalize its city center using green building techniques. Duke has designed all of its buildings and renovations in the last 5 years to meet LEED standards - it just got its first platinum at a residence hall, and Durham County requires municipal buildings to get LEED certification. For a smallish town, there's a lot going on, and local contractor Trinity Design Build is one business trying to corner the market on green renovation, both on residential and small office sites, and green historic remodels. They've work they've done on their own remodel and in adjacent leased space are a great reminder that green remodels can be as cool or cooler than green new builds. Via ::Inhabitat and ::209 North Gregson

North Carolina Green Building
Greenbridge Developments: Bringing LEED Gold To North Carolina

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