Green Means Go: Greenlight Lighting

Here at Treehugger, we're obviously thrilled that the cities all over the world have bitten the bullet and begun changing over their incandescent traffic signals to energy thrifty LED modules. They've got good reason to; California estimates that the switch has trimmed over $10 million from its yearly electric bill, and Portland, Oregon has saved an estimated $380,000 in annual electrical and maintenance costs. But, with all these new lamps going in, there are tons (quite literally, hundreds of thousands of pounds) of beautiful colored glass lenses being carted off to the landfill. Luckily for us Greenlight Concepts Lighting is taking the Man's trash and making it treasure...Greenlight diverts these beautiful red, green, and amber lenses from being tossed, and incorporates them into snazzy, modern lamps. They offer solutions for desk, pendant, and floor lighting, and they range from focused task lighting to smooth ambient. The bucket lamp series even comes with interchangeable lenses so you can set the color to match the mood.
:: Greenlight Concepts Lighting [by DM]


Baby Bucket Lamp

Biggie Bucket Lamp

Extra Biggie Bucket Lamp

Luna Lamp

18in Pendant

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