"Green Household" Casting Call: TLC's "Moving Up"

Though make-over and decorating shows are satisfying for the vicarious instant transformation value, it's a bummer to rarely see eco-friendly products or practices featured. The Learning Channel will soon provide the total pay-off by featuring a green renovation on Moving Up, a show that follows households as they sell one residence and renovate another. Are you moving soon and planning an immediate green remodel and eco-friendly decoration of your new home? Do you know someone who is? Continue reading for info about casting, which includes an opportunity to have TLC "step in to help make those projects happen faster and less expensively."TLC, the television network that brought you Trading Spaces and While You Were Out, is looking to cast 15 fresh new episodes of their home design TV show Moving Up – hosted by Trading Spaces star designer Doug Wilson.

We’re looking for people who are moving sometime between January 23 and March 30, 2006. We need people with outgoing personalities or unique, extreme taste in design - people who would love to be on TLC! Diversity is important to our show as well. We’re looking for people from a wide range of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.All candidates should demonstrate a strong passion for design and should have plans to change the décor of their new home right away. TLC will step in to help make those projects happen faster and less expensively.

Each episode follows three families as they move into their new houses, while struggling to leave their old homes behind. We will watch as they each spend the next few months remodeling, decorating and transforming their new spaces into their own. Moving UP is ultimately about the choices we make to turn a house into a home.

After a few months, we will bring the former owners back to see what they make of the new changes.

Trading Spaces designer Doug Wilson hosts Moving UP, guiding our homeowners through the moving and remodeling process. He will meet the families before they move, and visit over the next few months to observe how the renovations are coming.

Please note: Interested candidates must still occupy their current home. First-time buyers moving into a home that is already vacant are unfortunately not eligible since we meet with a pair of buyers and sellers.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? if so, please contact:

Jennifer Nascimento, Casting Associate
(212) 974 9050

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