Green Home Environmental Store


Some of the most common questions we get here at TreeHugger start with "How do I…" as in: "How do I know that a product is truly good for the environment?" "How do I find a hip eco-friendly gift?" or "How do I get my office to be more green?" Many of those questions can be answered by the good folks at Green Home Environmental Store. Green Home serves as on line resource for green products as well as a clearinghouse for advice and information on greening your home, business, or event. This one-stop shop takes a holistic approach to greening - going beyond product sales to actually guiding customers in their efforts to live more sustainably. Founder Lawrence Comras and his team are deeply committed to helping make greening easy and they take a friendly hands-on approach to demonstrating green alternatives to conventional processes. For example, during this year's LOHAS forum the Green Home team oversaw a near complete eco-transformation of the Fairmont Hotel - installing nontoxic cleansers, a comprehensive composting system and an extensive waste reduction program (among other eco-actions). Check out their super user-friendly web site to find everything from organic cotton sheets to LED patio lights.