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I first met Douglas Green and his eponymous company Green Design Furniture at GreenBuild in 2008, a logical place for him to be with such a name. Then I admired the way he builds, and now I admire his new standing desk.

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He defined what he means by green design and manufacturing:

Green manufacturing to us means creating designs that endure - structurally and artistically - to last for generations, without harming either the environment or the people that make or use them. Our work is done using domestically grown solid wood, logged following sustainable forestry guidelines. Whenever possible, our manufacturing waste products are recycled or repurposed.

He describes this particular unit:

The design of this desk is ideal for individuals who prefer working at a higher level. The angled top slides away on long dovetailed guides, giving you the option of working on two surfaces. The inside space can be used for storage. Other features include two sculpted grooves for pens, a lip to keep papers in place, and a large drawer for stationery and other essentials. The bottom shelf doubles as a footrest when desk is used with a stool.

The double top is clever, the slope is great for writing or drawing, while the flat interior can hold a computer. Like all of his work, this unit isn't cheap at $5,230, but it will last a couple of lifetimes. More at Green Design, found on 3Rings
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