Green Courage for the Built Environment

Months ago, when I passed around my long list of pending posts for Treehugger, one of the other writers wondered if I had left anything for others write about. I assured him there was no shortage of good news stories out there, just ripe for the telling. And from that seemingly inexhaustable supply cames the example of Green Courage. Embracing (so to speak) the Treehugger ideal of providing "products that are aesthetically appealing and make no compromise to comfort and design" whilst being "balanced in their safety, ethical manufacturing, and sustainability" They work with "architects, designers, builders, contractors, developers, and [who'd have thunk it?] customers" to help them find environmentally benign building materials as well as furniture and fittings. FSC timbers, cork, wool, bamboo (yee hah!), linoleum and bioboards (made from wheat with formaldehyde-free resin binders). Sound like a treehuggery sort of place? Well, they are a member of the Green Building Council, also offering eco-finishes, paints, and cleaners , as well as being distributors for the luscious Coyuchi 100% organic cotton linen range. ::Green Courage