Green at WIRED NextFest: Planilum Light by SAAZS

Planilum Lights by SAAZS
Designed by Tomas Erel of SAAZS, these Planilum Lights not only look beautiful, but they are long-lasting (about 20 years, or 500,000 hours), efficient (more than incandescent, though we couldn't get exact info on how they compare to CFLs and LEDs), and they use non-toxic gases and materials.

Co-developped over 6 years by SAAZS and Saint-Gobain Innovations, Planilum Lights are composed of 4 layers of glass, about 20mm thick (0.8 inch), and phosphorescent compounds. They are RoHS certified, and 90% recyclable.

Lights that last that long (20 years!) are probably good candidates to be incorporated directly into buildings by architects. I haven't seen a Planilum light off, so I'm not sure if they are totally transparent (they probably are), but that could make them good for use in skylights and windows (especially if you can put a kind of one-way mirror on the outside, so that sunlight can come in during the day, and the Planilum light goes only inside the house when its turned on).

WIRED NextFest 2008
WIRED NextFest is taking place in Chicago's Millenium Park between Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, October 12. It is free and open to the public. Just look for the big blue tent.

You can order a catalogue from the SAAZS website if you're interested.

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