Great Plates


New heirlooms out of old… The ceramicist, Cj O’Neill, finds bone china plates in charity shops and flea markets in England and Denmark. She is particularly taken with the old blue and white ones, last seen and ignored, in your great grandmother’s cupboard. She punches them through with water-jet cuts and leaves pierced messages and laser-etched decorations. One has ‘London Drugs’ cut into a very traditional and formal plate, another says ‘the heart is above all things deceitful' on a pastoral scene of a horse and buggy. These are very direct and in-your-face pieces. Other designs evoke feelings of nostalgia and memories of secret treasures. They are printed with hand- cut and printed transfer patterns, joining new parts with old. People will Always Need Plates (see treehugger) have a new series of plates, celebrating modernist buildings and architects: Goldfinger, Golden Lane and Golden Section. They are done in bone china, printed with gold lines and black drawings. They also have some new children’s dinnerware, with sweet illustrations of children’s vintage pull-toys in reds and greens. :: Cj O'Neill via :: Design UK at Liberty