Grand theater in Buenos Aires is converted into bookstore

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Perhaps this is the answer to the problem of the disappearing bookstore; instead of the bland big boxes, make it an inspiring experience. Something WOW. Like this conversion of a theatre in Buenos Aires into a massive bookstore. They tell Designboom, who hate capital letters:

the theatre boxes remain intact and offer a private space for patrons to delve into a good book; while the former stage, where tango artists francisco canaro, igancio corsini, roberto firpo and carlos gardel once performed, has now been transformed into a café. so even though ‘el ateneo grand splendid’ no longer functions as a theatre, one still experiences the grandiose feeling of one.

Lots more images in Designboom and Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, the conversion was done in 2008 and the bookstore was declared by the Guardian to be the second most beautiful bookstore in the world. TreeHugger has covered the church conversion in Maastricht that is considered the most beautiful one, and concur with the Guardian.

Grand theater in Buenos Aires is converted into bookstore
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