Grain Sacks Never Looked So Good

Old canvas bags have never looked so good. These antique Hungarian grain sacks date from 1910-1930. They are handwoven with flax linen, which is known for its durability and strength, and is said to be two to three times stronger than cotton. The weaver would often embroider his initials on them so some come "monogrammed". The stripes, some are red, others blue, indicate the mills where they originated. They have such history and character when made into beautiful pillows, with vintage buttons, and would look wonderful at home or on the patio in summer. Made by a couple whose studio is on an old french fishing boat; check out the brooding photos of wrecks of boats on the Devon coast by the former fashion photographer who is one half of the design team. The other half makes large carry bags out of the same fabric, with long leather shoulder straps, which are impossibly desirable. There must be limited amounts of these grain sacks in Hungary, so think fast.... :: mfv53

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