Graham Hill shows LifeEdited apartment on TODAY, Bloomberg TV

Following his hugely popular op-ed in The New York Times (it was the paper's most-emailed item for several days), TreeHugger founder, Graham Hill is now sharing his new project, LifeEdited with a national television audience.

First up, today he visited Bloomberg TV to discuss his minimalist apartment:

The TODAY Show also featured the project:

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Since our founding, TreeHugger's mission has been "driving sustainability mainstream." When we value happiness more than stuff, quality instead of quantity and learn how smart design can make these choices feel like improvements rather than sacrifice, living sustainably is not just better for the planet, it is more enjoyable, as well.

We're thrilled to see Graham's LifeEdited project bringing this conversation to a mainstream audience. While we know the majority of people may never live in apartments like Graham's, getting people to recognize that stuff is not our path to happiness is a valuable lesson for everyone.

To learn more about the apartment and how to get your own, visit LifeEdited.

Graham Hill shows LifeEdited apartment on TODAY, Bloomberg TV
TreeHugger founder, Graham Hill gave the nation a tour of his LifeEdited apartment on The TODAY Show and Bloomberg TV.

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