Graham & Brown Eco-wallpaper


Five new hip eco-friendly wallpaper patterns are the result of a design challenge given to 22 students at Central St. Martins University in London. Wallpaper/wall art company Graham & Brown asked the students to design fashion-conscious sustainable wallpaper to add to the company's line. The five designs chosen from the competition will now go into production.
The final wallpaper uses materials sourced from sustainable forests in Finland and keeps packaging to a minimum by removing the need for any tape or plastic. The company even recycles heat given off by furnaces, reduces drainage to prevent local flooding problems, and uses vegetable oil within tractor hydraulics so as not to contaminate forest floors.

And, if you find yourself lusting after chic green wallpaper like this, remember - that glue you buy at the store can be nasty stuff. It's easy to just make your own non-toxic wallpaper paste at home.

:: Via Inhabitat

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