Gorgeous Lighting Idea Puts Spotlight on Deforestation

treeroot light pot image

Images via Yanko Design

Designer Kitae Pak has come up with a great home accessory concept - a light that looks like a tree when turned on, and a root system when turned off. It's gorgeous, and a beautiful eco-centric idea. And while it looks attractive, it doesn't do much to really hit the bigger picture concept that inspired it.

treeroot in works image

The philosophy behind the light is to put deforestation in focus; but exactly how many people will think "Oh, I'm turning off the light, and mourning a tree somewhere being chopped down." The symbolism is likely to be missed, but that doesn't diminish from the really cool look of the lamp.

treeroot background image

We're not sure how the designer expects to power the lamp, but it seems appropriate to use solar, since that's what trees use. And it seems like an ideal concept to incorporate OLED lighting.

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