Gorgeous Hotel in Buenos Aires Features Stunning Wine-Barrels Doors and Fallen-Trees Bathtubs

Mio Buenos Aires is a newish luxury hotel in the Argentine capital opened by César Catena, owner of the Alfredo Catena winery and cousin to the owner of the famous Catena Zapata label.

That close relationship with the wine industry explains some of Mio’s features. Among them, the doors made with recycled wood coming from French oak wine barrels (the one from the entrance, 20 feet tall), and the private cellars with red, white and sparkling varieties present in each of the 30 rooms.

Somewhat related are also the beautifully crafted bathtubs, each one carved by artist Mario Dasso from fallen calden trees (according to Clarin, from a fire that took place in one of the owner’s farms).

Located in a building owned by the family at the posh neighborhood of Recoleta, the hotel is sold as “a mixture between luxury, high tech functionality and well being.” Glass, cotton, oak, steel, marble and silk are some of the materials that were used thorough the hotel to communicate this.

Apart from the recycled and noble materials, the rooms were designed without inner walls to increase the presence of natural light, and a vertical garden surrounds the dining room.

The hotel claims they are environmentally friendly in practicing recycling, choosing environmentally friendly products, and using efficient lighting.

Prices start at 350 US dollars.

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