Go Green, It Won't Destroy Your Marriage


The Washington Post recently ran a feature on the slow take up of energy saving bulbs in the US. People claim that the flickering, slow warm-up and odd color are putting people off. "What really got me was when my husband put a fluorescent in the lamp next to my bed, violating the last vestige of my personal space," said suffering wife Sara Sifford. The only problem is that all those problems have been solved for quite some time.

If you want to replace your bulbs with energy saving ones, and you're in the UK, then Go Green Lights is a good place to start. Their site is informative, well designed and if you order before 4PM then the bulbs get shipped the same day. You can also view the expected financial and environmental savings of each type of bulb, which makes it easy to make an informed decision ono the cost/benefit of each product. The best part is that their prices are good, so don't listen to those new urban myths about CFL problems, or the Washington Post, and go green your house. :: Go Green Lights

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