Glowstar Solar Lantern

This modified lantern stores energy during the day from a solar panel. A low cost, enviro-friendly solution to provide poor African countries with light (90% of Kenya doesn't have an electrical grid!) Made of glass-filled polypropylene, a durable and inexpensive material that is easily recyclable. Provides excellent light for 4 hours or powers a radio for 15 and is £65-- slightly more than what the average family spends on lighting annually. Designed to last 6 years. Saves $, better lighting, less fires... ::GlowstarNon-profit Intermediate Technology Development Group worked with solar company, Sollatek, to create the Glowstar.

The prototype was developed to withstand Africa’s harsh environmental conditions so it is insect- , dust- , and water-proof.

It was commercialized in Kenya, but is to be extended to other African countries. Sollatek, in cooperation with ITDG, has established several outlets close to petrol station and battery service centers. Also, an agreement was reached with the government to establish a network of accredited distributors and sales agents to market the lantern directly to villagers.

The expected life span of the lantern is six years, no maintenance is required, and the lamp could last for up to 10,000 hours of operation. It might be challenging to use but it also comes with a twelve-month warranty.

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