GE Will Expand LED Bulb Lineup with 60W, 75W and 100W Replacements


Photo: Michael Graham Richard

Nothing Will Stand in the Way of LEDs Taking Over

The latest generation of LED light bulbs have proven (see my reviews of GE, Philips, and Qnuru LED bulbs) that they have what it takes when it comes to light quality, but before they can become the default choice of the average citizen, there are still a couple of areas where they need to improve, such as price and brightness. The price issue is slowly being solved thanks to economies of scale, and the brightness one seems to be about to be solved by new more powerful LED bulbs such as those just announced by GE. Read on for more details.

ge led light bulb review photo

Photo: Michael Graham Richard

60 to 100 Watts Over Next 16 Months

The GE 60W-equivalent model, which is a dimmable LED using 13 watts, is coming out this November. Then for the 75W and 100W models, using respectively 18W and 27W, we'll have to wait until "late 2012".

According to GE, "all the bulbs will deliver light for over two decades based on three hours of use per day."

The photos in this post are of the 40W-replacement model that I reviewed a few months ago. The new models should look very similar, though maybe a bit bigger if they use more individual LEDs and need a bigger heatsink surface area to dissipate heat.

ge led light bulb review photo

Photo: Michael Graham Richard

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