GE announces High Efficiency Incandescent Light Bulbs. Why?

GE just announced "advancements to the light bulb that potentially will elevate the energy efficiency of this 125-year-old technology to levels comparable to compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), delivering significant environmental benefits. Over the next several years, these advancements will lead to the introduction of high-efficiency incandescent lamps that provide the same high light quality, brightness and color as current incandescent lamps while saving energy and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions." The bulbs will come out at 30 lumens per watt (twice a conventional incandescent) and top out at 60 lumens per watt. GE says "In addition to offering significant energy savings comparable to CFLs, the 21st century version of Edison’s bulb provides all the desirable benefits including light quality and instant-on convenience as incandescent lamps currently provide at a price that will be less than CFLs."

Now I would not suggest that the release of this statement on the same day as the launch of is anything more than coincidental. I would suggest that when every green group in the world is saying that CFL's do not have start-up or colour balance problems any more, that it is unfortunate that GE decides to promote this canard. I would also suggest that announcing a bulb that will be half as good as a CFL when it is launched in three years has just given a whole lot of people an excuse to do nothing. Changing lightbulbs now is one of the quickest, cheapest and easiest first steps around, a start on a long road. GE just put a nice big three year detour into it with this vaporbulb, and knocked the wind out of any movement to ban incandescents by throwing out the lifeline of incremental improvement down the road. Thanks, GE. ::GE Press ReleaseUPDATE: Just when I was thinking that I might be being churlish and should be welcoming this, I read this on AOL money and finance:
GE throws light on incandescent bulb ban movement

"GE is well positioned with lines of products, but this could certainly slow down the rush to legislation worldwide.

For me, CFLs are headache-producers, so if they want my old-fashioned bulbs they'll have to pry my hot, dead fingers from the filaments."

The movement is afoot to stop CFL's.