Furnature - Health For You and Your World

OK, I'm embarrassed. Somehow we seem to have gone 14 months and more than 3,000 posts, without a single mention of Furnature. Once again just goes to show how much good stuff is out there. Here is a company with generations of furniture craftsmanship, who went green about 11 years ago. Not because it made dolphins or pandas smile, but as a result of one of their customers developing a compromised immune system, following pesticides being used in her house. Three years of research resulted in a line of furniture that restores health to people suffering Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). And, watta ya know -- it turns out that making sofas, seats and beds this way happens to be good for the natural environment as well. Ain't that amazing? Who'd have thought, huh? Take the Vimala base. "The wood is untreated pure seasoned kiln-dried spruce from the Province of Quebec. No synthetic glues, dyes, or finishing sprays are used at any stage of production. The plastic inserts holding the dowels are made of recycled plastic. No metal is used in the construction of the frame to prevent electro magnetic fields." Top it with a Greensleep mattress, made from natural rubber, covered in cerified organic cotton and organic wool and you can sleep soundly. Assuming, of course, you've worked out how to plug that $2,966 USD hole in your wallet. Rest easy at ::Furnature