FrogLight LED Bulb Goes in Standard Socket

frog design LED lightbulb image

Of course, one of the benefits of LEDs is that they last so long that they can be built right into the fixtures or even the fabric of the building. But people own lamps already, and Frog Design "realized the easiest way to create acceptance was to deliver the technology in an already widely accepted form. The form of a standard light bulb was then the obvious choice. It would not ask consumers to change their form of power, their light socket or replace the lampshade attached to the bulb."

So they built the LEDs into the traditional incandescent lightbulb form. "To create the biggest impact on society, this design had to keep the barriers to acceptance as low as practical—which in part meant no super-sexy, fluid designs that would only be found in high-end design stores. Any unnecessary styling would cause a rift in its mainstream acceptance." They say that it is dimmable, with great colour balance and will last 30 years. Frog Design is "currently in talks about how to bring it to market and make it available to consumers." ::Frog Design via ::Yanko

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