Fresh2 Fluorescent Bulbs: Light and Air

Until LED lighting comes down from its stratospheric pricepoint, compact fluorescents are the next best thing. Their color is getting very respectable, and the newer models virtually eliminate flicker of any kind. Plus, you get ages of low-watt light without having to change the bulbs. What more could you possibly want from these little powerhouses? Interesting you should ask -- How about cleaner air?... The Fresh2 CF light bulb is a new twist on the standard coil lamp. In addition to kicking out 23 watts of efficient light, the surface of the lamp is coated with a titanium dioxide nano-layer that neutralizes odors in your home. The dioxide layer uses UV light, which is produced by all fluorescents, to ionize air around the lamp. As this ionized air circulates the room, it attacks odor causing molecules, knocking them out of commission. Voila! you get a brighter, fresher house without any chemicals at all, and at a price you can't beat. Fresh2 bulbs are 2 for $20.00 US if you order directly from their webspace.
:: Fresh2 Fluorescent Bulbs [by DM]