French Artist Turns 'Garbage With Talent' Into Beautiful Lighting (Photos)

gilles eichenbaum lamp photoPhotos: Gilles Eichenbaum

Those old rusty colanders, kettles, pots and pans of yours have hidden talents. That's according to Parisian craftsman, artist and bricoleur extraordinaire Garbage, a.k.a. Gilles Eichenbaum, who refurbishes old, seemingly mismatched objects like kitchenware, scales, toasters into fantastic lamps.
gilles eichenbaum lamp photo

Eichenbaum's work ethic comes from his sense of ad-hoc adventure -- anytime he travelled and was in need of a lampshade or furniture, he would craft something out of what he had on hand.

gilles eichenbaum lamp photo
gilles eichenbaum lamp photo
gilles eichenbaum lamp photo

Later, selling a few pieces at a flea market which "sold like hotcakes", Eichenbaum suddenly found himself with a new calling and business.

gilles eichenbaum lamp photo
gilles eichenbaum lamp photo

Now working out of a small studio that used to be a small car repair shop, Eichenbaum creates unique specimens exclusively out of recycled materials, with a decidedly whimsical bent. The gorgeous, intricate patterning of Gilles' lamps reminds me of Moroccan lamps -- but with way more inventive character.

gilles eichenbaum lamp photo
gilles eichenbaum lamp photo

According to his site translated from French:

All this stuff cluttering your basement can be used again, another round... Today the memories they evoke shall pinch you. Or their revival makes you laugh and it's just a lot.

gilles eichenbaum lamp photo

Definitely not your usual poseur IKEA lamp, that's for sure -- Eichenbaum's pieces hold no pretensions while having the bonus of stimulating the imagination. If you would like to see more, take a look at his extensive collection on his website.

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