Freeplay Jonta human-powered light

There have been some enthused comments about a couple of our recent posts on Illumination devices (lightSpin & Nightstar) that reduce the need for heaps of disposable batteries. In light of that, thought it worthwhile to mention the upcoming Jonta from Freeplay. Significantly redesigned from their earlier torches (or flashlights, if you insist) this a has few tricks up its sleeve. Wind it for 30 seconds and get 10 mins worth of light. Wind it for 40 min and get a full 24 hours! (Now this is the light that needs to mate with a bicycle!). Or use the AC adapter if necessary. It burns an efficient 1 Watt LED, which gives similiar output to a standard incandescent bulb but lasts 100,000 hours and has no delicate filament. You can select full-on, energy saving or flashing modes and get 3 levels of battery life. The internal rechargeable battery is good for 10,000 cycles, on that hand wind of 30 seconds. To be released in mid 2005. ::Freeplay [by WM]

Pssst! Go check out their Freecharge human-powered generators for mobile phones and marine motors as well.