Freeplay Indigo Flashlight: Self-Powered LED Illumination


We’re big fans of Freeplay, the innovative developers of self-powered communications and lighting devices. We’ve previously covered their fantastic Lifeline Radio, which was specifically designed for humanitarian relief and development work. We’ve also written about their Jonta Flashlight before too. Now we bring news of yet another super-efficient, potentially self-powered lighting device, the Indigo LED Lantern. The unit can be powered either by using the hand crank on the back, or by using the mains adaptor, and can provide 2.5 hours of light at full power, 35 hours of torch light (which apparently is good enough for reading by), and 70 hours of illumination in night-light mode. The makers claim that the LED bulbs provide anywhere up to 100,000 hours of useful life. That’s a lot of reading! ::Freeplay Energy::