Fragile Future from Drift: The Possibilities of LEDs


A wonderful thing about LEDs is that talented designers are using them to develop entire new ways of looking at lighting. It is like the computer revolution, when back in '77 Ken Olsen, the head of minicomputer maker DEC, said "there is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home"- he just never saw the possibilities of the technology and the creativity of the people using them. That is where we are with LEDs- the first reaction is to make them fit into conventional fixtures and treat them like regular lights.

Or, you can be like Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn of the Dutch design firm Drift, who are looking at lighting in entirely new ways, taking the attributes of LEDs and inventing new connections and patterns.

Fragile Future is "a modular light system overgrowing the wall. One module is a visible circuit with little lights. This module is easy to attach to the next one (in seven different ways), while the switch-leg will continue. So it is possible to create a composition from just a few, up to 50 modules, according to the space and atmosphere." made out of real dandelions, or an alternative that is less fragile.


You can connect them in any number of ways.


They also offer the dandelight:
"Dandelight is a little luminous dandelion. This little piece of real nature lightens up by batteryfood."

::Drift via ::Josh Spear

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