"Fractured Fairy Tales" Display Wall


Oh, how I loved Fractured Fairy Tales on Rocky and Bullwinkle. The RSS feed jumped out at me, attracting me to Thomas Wold's display wall for a client in Berkeley. He says "The client needed a wall build out for their A/V and books. We wanted to grab the entire wall with a graphical design. I suggested a design encompassing a series of separate boxes that would stack on top of each other so one could use the negative and positive for storage. The variety of shapes made me think of a "sampler" quilt along with the Disney Land ride "It's a Small World", one friend said it reminded him of "Fractured Fairy Tales"


link here to big drawing.

The designer continues: "The other design parameter was to use as much recycled material as possible. All the drawers and fronts were found on the street. Living in a college town, lots of furniture turns up so it seemed when I needed to find drawers, I'd see castaway dressers everywhere. About 80% of the material to build the boxes was made from "drop" or left over material from my shop."


Thomas Wold owns Thomas Wold Design & Fabrication, Thomas creates commission-based custom furniture and environmental designs for residential and business spaces. ::Thomas Wold via (I think) Apartment Therapy.

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